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Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Truth About Sexuality Problems

Every body has one problem or the other and that is why problems will not just disappear. no man was born with a problem but to face problems. sexuality problems like masturbation, lesbianism, gayism, homosexuality, etc are just what we came to see here. we don't see them in our cups of tea bu tin our every day endeavor. everybody is not faced with this problem has a difficulty of believing it to be a problem and then, seeking for solutions. it is true that they could give pleasure, but they are just for a few minutes. freedom is the best thing a man can possess. no matter the name we call it, its a universal problem. to help ourselves, we MUST BE BORN AGAIN. for sure, some see themselves as Christians but are still faced with these problems. decide to change after realizing it to be problem. avoid staying in a lonely place. mind what you feed yourself with and then go for counsellings. may God help you because "He that called you will do it for He is faithful"

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