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Friday, June 26, 2009


Many people seem to be taken away by the trend of things (civilization). the topic of ladies going out in trousers have been one of the most controversial topics of discussion in the Nigerian Nationality. the Holy BIBLE says in the book of Deuteronomy 22vs5 ' men are not to wear anything that belongs to a woman and women are not to wear any thing that belongs to men'.
Mr. Victor, an acclaimed Christian stressed that 'the BIBLE is God's word and MUST be obeyed' therefore, women going out in trousers is a sin, stressing that it gives people an imagination of their nakedness. Ms. Amaugo Victoria, in defense of the women stated that the Bible did not label trousers 'for men only' after all, Jesus went on gowns in His own days. furthermore, she went on to say that any acclaimed Christian who starts having an imagination of a woman's body is NOT a Christian at all. brethren, let us not be deceived by things that came to be. please, drop your comment hare to salvage damaging souls.

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